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It is with heavy heart that I must report the time has come to say farewell to Bandido, our faithful adventure dog. It didn’t matter if we were taking a drive to the coffee shop, or a ride on the Ural across the country, he was always happy to head out and eager to face whatever adventure the road might bring us. I’d be a damn lucky person if I could approach every day with the same unfettered joy he demonstrated day after day in the years that I was blessed to know him.


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Our local BMW club (the Yankee Beemers) has a handful of campouts every summer, and the first one we were able to attend was at the Pemi River Campground up in Thornton NH. Normally, it’s a two hour drive, but the Ural hadn’t been broken in enough to handle highway speeds, so Dachary had to take slow, back-roads all the way up there, and with a break along the way it took her nearly five hours. I would have loved to have joined her on the way up, but I had that dastardly “work” thing, and my…

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