Office Supplies

The company outings at Corporate Runaways requires some very specialized kit. These are the office supplies we bring on every offsite meeting:



In the Tent / the Tent



First-Aid / Medicine


  • SAE To Powerlet & Cigarette Adapter adapter.
  • Cigarette Adapter to USB adapter (2)
  • USB to headset charging cables
  • USB iPhone / iPad charging cables
  • 2 USB standard to mini cables
  • Black Diamond Revolt headlamp
  • Black Diamond Storm headlamp


  • MacBook
  • iPad (the batteries on these things are awesome and are easily powered  from the bikes)
  • Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
  • CruxSkunk iPad Keyboard case
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • Kindles (2)

Cameras / Photography


  • 2 front inner tubes
  • 2 rear inner tubes
  • 2 front sprockets
  • 2 rear sprockets
  • control cables
  • microphone / base for Sena SMH10 Headsets (we’ve had 2 die on us already)



The general consensus amongst motorcycle adventurers is that, regardless of how much you’re carrying, “You’ve got too much.” There are only a couple of extreme minimalists who are excluded from this. With that in mind, some of these items may be jettisoned either prior to, or during, the trip.

What Worked And What Didn’t

After the trip we put together a review of what worked and what didn’t

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