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Crowding around the bikes

Background: Somewhere along the line an infatuation with scooters turned into an obsession with motorcycles. Burnout from too many years coding web sites lead to a mad ride around the USA on a Ninja 250 in 2009. The results on the psyche were exceptional, but only served to fuel the fire, and initiate planning for The Next Big Trip.

Relevant skills:

  • Experience with long distance rides.
  • Experience with camping.
  • Unstoppable optimism.
  • Unquenchable thirst for beautiful landscapes.
  • Will do whatever it takes to get there.
  • Takes decent pictures
  • Parolas Esperanton
  • Can differentiate between you’re and your.

Prior Employment:

  • Prepress (flexographic and traditional)
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development


Flat, empty, desert.

Background: A freelance writer who, upon moving in with Kay, discovered a hidden obsession with motorcycles. In April 2010 she got, and crashed, her first motorcycle. Repairing the bike and getting back on it started a love affair with all things motorcycle.

Relevant Skills:

  • Up for trying anything.
  • Able to cook rice in a pot. Able to melt pot lid when attempting to cook rice.
  • Unwillingness to give up.
  • Willingness to sing loudly and off-key.
  • Writes at approximately 2 billion wpm.
  • Handy with a wrench.
  • An uncanny ability to understand instruction manuals.

Prior Employment:

  • Freelance Writer
  • Office Administrator
  • Legal Secretary
  • Imaging Department Manager
  • Side Gigs in Retail



a springer spaniel puppy holding a leaf in its mouth

Background: After realizing that Lita’s “protec” feature lacked an off switch, we decided to search out a new intern with a minimal set of pre-defined behaviors or irregularities. Maui is a Bench Bred Springer Spaniel with no prior training.

Relevant skills:

  • Housetrained
  • Excellent Snuggler
  • Able to make Lita play
  • Boundless energy

Prior Employment: n/a

Other Notes:

  • Voracious appetite. Will eat dirt if “necessary”.
  • Shows interest in lifeguard duties to save us from bathtubs.
  • Have yet to find the on switch for his “protec” feature.


lita dog smiling in car

Background: Lita – formerly known as Sneads – was another surplus dog from the south. Shelter records indicate she started out in Alabama. Her history before becoming an intern at the age of 2 is unknown, although she displays an unexpected fondness for cart ladies and a dislike of children. She became an intern when Kay and Dachary were visiting the Northeast Animal Shelter, and the then Sneads barked at them every time they tried to leave the room where she was located. Ben had the final word on selecting her as an intern – he was waggy and interested in hanging out with her during a meet-and-greet – and her position was secured.

Relevant skills:

  • Very scary protection bark
  • Great at making friends with other dogs
  • Ability to destroy ANY toy
  • Excellent mentoring skills for Maui.
  • Incredible snuggling skill set
  • Will try anything for food
  • Generally happy about everything (except strangers)

Prior Employment:

  • Home Security
  • Hunter

Other Notes:

  • Enjoys “playing” with bugs and small critters
  • Wears a harness outdoors due to her boundless enthusiasm
  • Aspiring agility maven
  • Named after Lita Ford

Bandido (Retired)

RETIRED: Alas, Bandido’s adventuring days ended on 4/4/15. He will always be a beloved and valued former intern.

**Background: **Bandido’s life started as a street dog in Puerto Rico, where he was hit by a car and his back left leg and foot badly broken. He was rescued and sent to the US, where Kay adopted him. Upon the return from the Americas trip, the Corporate Runaways discovered he had been “broken.” The dog-sitters had not handled his home guarding as instructed by Kay and Dachary, and ‘Dido had become defensive and had begun biting people. Over a year later, he has been mostly rehabilitated, but still hasn’t fully recovered. It was decreed that he must travel with the humans in order to prevent a relapse. Bandido is currently in training to become an Intern with Corporate Runaways.

Relevant skills:

  • Ability to tell Kay and Dachary from everyone else
  • Willingness to bark at whatever Ben is barking at
  • Spent the first year of his life living on the streets
  • Knows how to bury his food
  • Certified master of cute looks
  • Not smart enough to know we’re crazy

Prior Employment:

  • Home Security
  • Sato

Other Notes:

  • Doomed to forever attract the small children he fears
  • Excellent player of “shoe”
  • Permanent limp from encounter with car as a Sato

Ben (Retired)

**Background: **A surplus dog from the South, Ben was relocated to a shelter in the North where Dachary fell in love with him, in spite of the fact that he was a nervous wreck that no-one else wanted. After years of work, he had become a fabulous, well-socialized, mostly-friendly dog. Upon returning from the Americas trip, Ben took time to re-adjust to having Dachary back, and it was decreed that he should henceforth travel with them by motorcycle. Ben is currently in training to become an Intern with Corporate Runaways.

Relevant skills:

  • Ability to tell Kay and Dachary from everyone else
  • EXTREMELY intelligent
  • Large vocabulary
  • Skilled in poking and pawing to ask for attention
  • Canine Agility
  • Barking
  • Propeller Tail

Prior Employment:

  • Home Security
  • Bird Chasing
  • Rat and Squirrel Chasing
  • Bug Killing!

Other Notes:

  • Has a severe fear of cameras
  • Happiest when given commands he knows how to follow
  • Too smart for our own good
  • None
  • None

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