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Oh, so many vehicles…

Details on each one are below, but first a listing of which trip used which vehicles

Vehicle Details

2008 Ford E-450 Ambulance

A 6.0L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel behemoth weighing in at ~11,500 lbs (5,216 kg). There’s a lot to be said for why we chose an ambulance, but the short version is we missed many of the creature comforts we had in our Vanagon, but wanted something that could hold up to rough roads, pull itself up a mountain, and had replacement parts available.

Ambulance Build Thread

2016 Subaru Outback

Outback Camping

Sam is a 2016 2.5i Premium Subaru Outback. Kay and Dachary were lured in by the Outback’s reputed reliability, reasonably competent offroad AWD, high ground clearance and impressive carrying capacity.

To date, Sam the Outback has remained essentially stock, with only the following mods/upgrades:

Further updates are being considered, such as roof tent and potential suspension upgrades, if the Outback remains in the stable and becomes a true overland travel vehicle.

Horse and Nargo relaxing after a long drink


Nargo is Dachary’s company vehicle. Nargo is a black 2007 BMW F650GS. Dachary has made many modifications to prepare Nargo for travel, including:


Horse is Kay’s company vehicle; a yellow 2003 BMW F650GS with similar modifications:

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Stravinsky - aka the Dog Mobile

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Stravinsky (Retired)

aka Dog Mobile

Stravinsky was a 2013 Ural Patrol, purchased explicitly to carry our canine interns. We sold Stravinsky after several large trips when we decided to move to a campervan vehicle style. To add to the comfort of our interns (and riders), Stravinsky had the following mods:

Sunshine Sally

Sally (Retired)

Sally was a 1982 VW Vanagon camper van, diesel, with a high top. We flew out to Arizona and bought her sight unseen, and committed to making her road worthy for our next big trip. We modernized and updated her camping interior, but she was never quite the reliable road warrior we needed her to be, so we ended up selling her and buying Sam, our Subaru Outback. Sally had many modifications, including:

  • Solar panel charging a completely independent house battery
  • MANY electrical upgrades, including a completely separate house system that could jump start the Vanagon
  • Propex propane heater
  • TruckFridge refrigerator
  • Completely updated water system, from tank to pump to faucet to sink
  • Custom gray water tank
  • Custom center console
  • Extensive soundproofing in doors and chassis body
  • Pergo flooring
  • Updated radio and speakers
  • Custom slide-out wood block cutting board work surface
  • Inverter and interior 120v power outlets which included USB charging outlets
  • Carbon monoxide detector & propane gas detector
  • Modified closet with original trim side entrance for easy access
  • Custom sunroof
  • None
  • None

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