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Yesterday was a write-off. We took Dachary to the optometrist and then decided to be “healthy” and eat at the Whole Foods buffet. I got many small things. Dachary got some sushi and chicken salad. With one exception everything was terrible.

Then we went home and became sick.

Eventually I went and cut this arc as a proof of concept that we could cut out the sink hole, and retain the interior wood as an insertable cutting board. Then I went back inside and we both went to bed before 8 PM (we never do that).

kay cut an arc

kay cut an arc

We started today with a trip to Home Depot. Then we started in on the counter. We had to break it down into three pieces. Dachary is in charge of the Circular Saw work so this fell to her.

![dachary corner]2

dachary corner
kay cuts corner with jig saw

and I finished up the corner cuts with the Jig Saw. Somewhere in there we managed to go to Home Depot again (more clamps and LED tube bulbs to replace a dead fluorescent, and lame florescent) and grocery shopping.

Then we put everything in place to see how it fit, and debate some placement issues that we’d discovered after cutting.

counter pieces set in place

counter pieces set in place

The sink is going to go in the corner near the oxygen ports in that picture. When we went back to cut a hole for it we got a bit stumped. Our jig saw blade isn’t quite long enough. We could do it with the Dremel but experience tells me I really don’t like using the drill saw blades even with a rail to guide me. I have to do it for the corner but if I can avoid it for the straights I will. Dachary didn’t want to do a plunge cut with the circular saw, and I didn’t really blame her, even if we did build a jig to guide it.

We went in to consult the oracle (YouTube) and our friends. It was pointed out that we could get longer Jig Saw blades, and then, after a little investigation, we discovered that we had a “Progressive” blade (I have no idea what that means) that is just long enough. Unfortunately, we’ve both lost steam and have decided that the sink hole and the routing will have to wait until tomorrow.

The counter is really impressive. We sat there and stared at it for ten minutes drinking our Tea and Coffee. I can’t wait to use it.

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