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Today was all about prepping for cutting the counter. In order to do that, we needed to, at least temporarily, mount the stove to make sure everything worked out where we planned it. We had to adjust some of the cuts on the supporting box, but other than that it went well. We still need to put in the angle brackets to hold the box together, but it’s wedged in firmly enough to hold things for measuring.

kay ponders the newly mounted stove

kay ponders the newly mounted stove

We debated what we’re going to do with the counter above it, and ultimately ended up somewhere between the first and second idea. It’ll be a piece of the counter, hinged at the back and caught at the top with a different catch mechanism than originally planned. I think it’s going to be pretty cool.

Next up, was cutting a cardboard template for the tricky end of the counter.

kay cuts cardboard template for counter

kay cuts cardboard template for counter

We’re going to measure many times, draw lines, then use the template to sanity check that the lines are close to physical reality before cutting. Ultimately we’re going to have over nine feet of countertop.

We finished off the day with yet another trip to Home Depot. Dachary commented that it’s literally become a daily trip. This time we needed to buy the faucet for the sink. Unfortunately when it comes to faucets your choices appear to be crap, or $$$. Because the sink is only 5″ deep we need something really tall that will go over the dishes sitting in it. I was seriously tempted by one of the low flow bathroom sinks that would have helped us minimize water usage, but it was just too short. In the end we went with the one Dachary liked despite it being one of the most expensive ones in the store. This was in no small part because I didn’t want to spend $$$ on any of them and we may as well get one that one of us particularly likes. I was unsure about the color, but I suspect she’s right and it’s going to look better than the various metallic choices. We don’t actually have a picture of it to show you, but you’ll see it when the counter’s done.

We’ll probably start cutting the countertop tomorrow. Then checking it for fit. then so much routing, and a complicated cut as I attempt to cut out the sink hole and retain it for use as a cutting board that rests in the hole.

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