Westward Ho – Day 5


(Kay Eau Claire, WI – Dickinson, ND)

Today, was a day of driving…

We got up. She exercised. We eschewed the almost non-existent continental breakfast and went to McDonalds. Despite her not being much of a fan of McDonalds in any form, her meal disappeared in record speed.

We drove.

The dogs slept.

Dogs Sleep Together

We drove.

The speed limit went up.

Speed Limit

We drove.

We had to pee.

A certain street sign may have seen more of our bits than are technically legal.

Street Sign

We drove.

It rained.


We saw strange mounds.


We saw sculpture.


We made it to our hotel, where I promptly placed my right foot in horse poo, then backed quickly away from it and stuck it in more horse poo.

We grabbed dinner.

I walked the dogs, and placed my left foot in dog poo.

Fortunately before leaving I got a new pair of Tevas from Zappos. I washed the right one in the sink. I washed the left in the tub. Washable shoes are awesome on an adventure.


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