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For our next “big” trip, we want to do a RTW with the dogs. That’s why we bought the Ural – hopefully both dogs will fit comfortably in the sidecar or we may have to buy a second Ural – but we’ve been slowly stocking up on gear for the dogs and trying to address the unique travel challenges of having the dogs ride in a sidecar rig. And one thing that many owners agree on is: Doggles!

For the uninitiated, Doggles are goggles for dogs that have a strap that goes behind the head, and another strap under the chin to help hold them on. They have nice thick foam around the edges to make them comfortable for the dogs, and some models have an extra wide bridge to accommodate a wider snout. They come in a wide range of styles. We got the “ILS” Doggles, which have an interchangeable lens system so we can swap out tinted lenses as needed, or replace the lenses when they get scratched. (And riding in South American deserts with our own helmets has taught us that sand WILL scratch up the face shield, so I’m sure the Doggles will need new lenses at some point in our travels.)

So! The day the Doggles came, we sat down with the dogs and a metric crap-ton of treats (yes, that’s an official measurement) to try to coax the dogs to wear them, and make sure they associate wearing the Doggles with positive things. For your viewing pleasure, may I introduce: the Doggles!

Acclimating the dogs to Doggles <img loading=“lazy” src=“” alt=“Acclimating the dogs to Doggles <img loading=“lazy” src=“” alt=“Acclimating the dogs to Doggles

How did it go, you may ask?

Well. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is video worth?

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