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4-Minute Read

Just a recap of the items that have failed or broken in some way, so far.

  • Airhawk – front strap ripped out of cover. Cory (Oso Blanco on had the same problem with his apparently.
  • Beadrider – the heavy duty fishing line that holds the beads together is breaking apart and beads are falling out. It and the Airhawk appear to be from repeatedly being struck by the foot when throwing it over the seat.
  • Touratech sidestand foot – Both have had the bottom layer of the edge closest to the bike (when extended) bend down either slightly or severely.

It’s somewhat bent

  • Metal loop on the kickstand in the photo above has broken off, which makes it very difficult to extend the kickstand. We’ll get that fixed the next time we pass a welder and have 20 minutes to spare.
  • Cooling fan for the F650GS on Kay’s bike
  • Fork seals on Kay’s bike
  • screw / bolt thing that holds the mirror stalk onto the F650GS (we brought 2 spares because everyone seems to break these)
  • lost tail light assembly on kay’s bike. Including tail light, license plate, and mud flap on Kay’s bike.
  • headlight (low beam) on Kay’s bike.
  • Rear left blinker on Kay’s bike. This was an aftermarket flexible stalk blinker that the prior owner put on. I’m think he claimed it was Touratech.

Floppy Blinker

  • one inner tube (rear). Probably a nail in a Mexican parking lot.

Tube es No Bueno!

  • Glasses (stepped on)

Entropy and glasses

  • Laminar lip / wind deflector for the top of Dachary’s windshield (broken when bike fell against wall)

  • Corner of SW-Motech Trax case. Repeated drops at low to no speed ripped off the plastic corner. We’re getting a piece of aluminum welded to replace it.

Damage to Trax case

  • Quick-locks for SW-Motech racks. There’s a vertical shaft with tiny horizontal rods coming out of two sides. The horizontal rods are what holds it on. They both broke off on both Quick locks. Without these in place the rack holding the pannier falls outwards and would bend and break if ridden in that state.

The horizontal pins have sheared off.

  • cord pull tabs on two zippers on the BMW Rally Pro 2 suit.
  • The electrical socket / connection in Dachary’s Gerbing’s heated Jacket. Yes, it’s currently in the high 80’s outside but we’ll be climbing to over 4000 meters in Bolivia and the Andes and it’ll be good to have working.

Solving the Gerbing’s problem

Taping the Sena

  • Contour GPS camera. USB Port fell inwards. We’ve got it in a bag almost entirely disassembled. Just can’t get the last bit of the tube open to get at the piece we need.
  • RevIt Rival H20 Boots (zipper died)

The Zipper of Doom

  • Digital 5 Function meters – These were never designed for motorcycles and Aerostitch should be ashamed of themselves for selling them. As soon as they get wet, they die. They come back… kind-of. My thermometer is convinced it’s below freezing out when it’s in the 80’s. They both max out somewhere close to 100 deg. F. Mine now beeps randomly The only thing that’s semi-reliable is the voltmeter which is either fully lit up 88:8 or accurate.

  • Camelback bite valves. Dachary’s now drips constantly and both of them have started to gradually slide off the stalk. Bring spares.

  • Dachary’s hair – lost to a Hairdresser in love with the 80’s

  • Kay’s hair – lost in a vicious Honduran barbering.

Not quite broken but….

  • Thumb of Joe Rocket Sonic gloves was too short and resulted in your thumb being jammed into the end as you twisted the throttle. Not technically broken but as good as. Attacked the stitching with a Leatherman.

Glove Mod

Not broken. Just annoying and slippy. Won’t bother using them again unless it rains during cold weather. First attempt at using resulted in large sacks of water surrounding each hand. Second attempt seemed to work as designed.

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