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Day 40 – Granada… again

We weren’t sure when we got up if we would be taking off or not. The desire, was definitely to take off, but as breakfast finished, Dachary was feeling weak, and a bit woozy and that’s no state to be in when trying to muscle around a heavy bike in hundred degree weather and standing around baking at borders. So we paid for another night.

Dachary had been improving, and was getting better by the hour, still not 100% but getting there, and by noon she was chomping at the bit to leave the room. Maybe a tour? Something, Anything! But all the tours around here require hiking or other non-trivial physical activity, except the tour of Granada, which we’d pretty much already given ourselves at this point on foot.

So, we wandered, slowly, and with occasional breaks in the shade. An unnotable lunch, and walk back to the hotel followed by a minor moment of rejoicing upon entering the air conditioned domain, quickly followed by a “hot” shower, which is to say… not.

Granada Door

The other church…

A long day

What?! It’s tasty trash!

Looking for bottles

More Granada Street Art

Dr. Who, more Dr. Who, a little concern about running out of Dr. Who, and an excursion for food. It was to be pizza tonight. We thought, falsely, that we might actually get a full meal out of it.

Doing her job

You see, the problem with Granada is that, as far as we can tell, there is only one restaurant where you are actually served enough to fill you up. Sadly, this includes the pizza places, because while we’ve only had a couple, it is our impression that since leaving Mexico no-one offers pizzas in various sizes. There is only the one size, and it’s not enough. At home Dachary and I order one large (US version of large) pizza each eat half and are usually pretty full from that. Tonight’s pizza was pretty typical for a Granada meal. It was not nearly enough and it wasn’t particularly tasty. So we wandered off, for second dinner. I shit you not. After days of not having enough to eat we gave in and had a second dinner. We went back to the place that actually gives you enough to eat. Dachary, surprisingly, ate all of hers. I, surprisingly, ate about 3/4 of mine. But, we were both full.

On a related note: our hotel does really good breakfast (wonderful pancakes, and pretty good omelets) and we’ve taken to ordering three breakfasts each morning. Two omelets and one pancake. The pancake breakfast comes with two which we split.

During first diner the fireworks started. I use that in the most technical sense as it was a repeated use of the kind that makes a loud bang, shoots something about fifty feet into the air which then makes a load bang. So BANG…BANG. Initially it was once every three minutes or so. During second dinner the pace increased, and with it, the sales of cigarettes and chicklets, ceramics, cigarettes and chicklets, painted wood, cigarettes and chicklets, hammocks, cigarettes and chicklets, ocarina type birds that only have two notes, and cigarettes and chicklets. And of course there was the requisite small child who walks right up to your table, reaches over and points at something he wants (a drink, a piece of food), points to his mouth and makes some annoying sound with a practiced pouty face. When one person says no, he then moves on to the next one at the table and repeats the process until there are no more people.

As dinner completed the explosions had increased their pace to once a minute, and now that we’re back at the hotel they’re about 4 per minute and while I understand that it’s just part of life around here I am desperately wishing that someone would invest in some other kind of firework. Dachary suggested that these were probably the cheapest. I countered with the suggestion of bottle rockets and posited that they made a nice loud fweeeeeee! She countered that fweeeeeee! wasn’t nearly manly enough. A concussive bang was required to demonstrate the sheer enormity of ones testicles.

You’re probably wondering what happened to day 39. We are too. Obviously it wasn’t much, but I’m pretty sure that it involved more Dr. Who and more unpleasant pooping which I’m happy to report has been absent today. Hooray for Antibiotics!

One of the silly little games we play as we travel through these countries is trying to come up with tag-lines for each place we visit. For Granada it’s “Granada leaves you wanting…more food”

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