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The weather reports at the end of day five were pretty conclusive. Get out of town now! The only problem was that the temperature had dropped and Dachary’s electric liner was still on the fritz, but the choice was either get stuck in town for days because of the crap weather or take a chance today. So, we took a chance and I made her promise to request we pull over if the jacket failed again and she was feeling particularly chilled.

We’re happy to report though, that a careful insertion, and application of duct tape kept it working all day.

Solving the Gerbing’s problem

Of course, Dachary literally didn’t move from her saddle for 300 miles for fear that it would cut out again. When we finally did pull over for food (about 30 miles from our destination) we were both feeling cold even though everyone was walking around with t-shirts. Towards the end of our break Dachary had an attack of uncontrollable full-body shivers. We went back out to the bike because at least there she could plug in.

Getting to the break though… that was work. Winds of 30+ with gusts over 40 interspersed with “Mother Fucking Bridges” where it was even worse. We are at a loss regarding Mississippi and Luisiana’s obsession with huge arching streams of concrete.

There’s a huge bridge going to New Orleans that both of us had been looking forward too. It’s five minutes of concrete suspended above water. And today it was a bit of a rush… It was also kind of like being pummeled. We’ve got some video, that we’ll cut a few seconds of into todays video diary when we get it up, but our heads are being battered around so much that it’s makes you kind of sick to watch more than that.

In other news Expedia and Howard Johnson’s decided to both bill us for our stay here in Louisiana while we wait for the motorcycle shop to open on Tuesday so that we can pick up the tires. I’m just crossing my fingers that they’ve actually got the ones for tube tires and not tubeless. I realize we *can* run tubes in tubeless tires but I’m not convinced it’s something you *should* do unless you have to.

In the equipment department: That 5 Function Meter we were praising the other day? Yeah, absolutely not designed for motorcycles. It got wet when it rained last night, water got in between the plastic / crystal layers froze, and generally bored it. Her voltmeter is reading too high in the afternoon, my temperature read 18:8.8 E for most of the day, and her clock lost 15 minutes. My opinion of Aerostich is dropping by the day. Also, I melted a bit of the extra webbing that was flapping around on the Wolfman Dry Duffel on the muffler yesterday, and I’ve discovered that my new helmet cam is mounted at too low of an angle. I have one more shot to get it right tomorrow, but if that’s not right…

Getting frisky with the muffler

Started today in Greenville, Alabama and ended the day in Houma, Louisiana where we’ll be staying till Tuesday AM. 344 miles today. Could have gone further because there was plenty of sunlight left, but we have to wait near Baton Rouge for the tires. Now that we’re stopped for the day, though, we’re drooping by the second. Fighting with those winds all day was so tiring…

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