The Corporate Runaways are Kay Rhodes and Dachary Carey - two geeky nerds who love to travel, and make cool things with code and words. Sometimes they’re apps. Sometimes they’re books. Sometimes they’re far too many static sites for their own good. You get a website, and you get a website, and you get a website - every project gets a website!

To make it easier to talk about their businessey apps and projects, and give them a collective home on the web, Kay and Dachary have carved out this little space.

The People

Kay and Dachary are a married couple who live in a little paradise in southwest Vermont, USA. They have two dogs, a cat, a tractor that Dachary loves very much, and an ambulance-to-RV conversion that is the apple of Kay’s eye.

Kay Rhodes

Kay is a backend web developer who has been writing code professionally since the ’90s. Along the way, he has contributed to programming books, written talks, and curated an eclectic collection of geeky projects and tools to make his life - and his employers’ and colleages’ lives - better. He is currently in the process of organizing those tools and creating content to help other developers write their own tools to improve their lives.

For more about Kay, check out his website: Kay Rhodes (masukomi).

Dachary Carey

Dachary is a writer who has been writing words professionally since the early 2000s, and has crossed over into coding and app development in the last few years. Along the way, she has done marketing writing, web writing, ghostwritten business books, written novels, and has been doing technical writing since 2016. In her foray into development, she has written and released an iOS app, and currently has a macOS app in development.

For more about Dachary, check out her website: Dachary Carey.

The Apps

App is a broad word that can mean a lot of things. For Dachary, those have so far been iOS/macOS apps. For Kay, those are typically command-line apps, although occasionally they have a UI. Formal pages for those apps will be coming soon, but in the meantime:

Command-line Apps

  • oho: Converts your colorful terminal output to HTML that you can easily share.
  • Hey!: An interruption tracker for macOS users. Track who interrupts you, and optionally why, to see if you can spot patterns to reduce and eliminate interruptions.
  • Fenestro: Convert command-line output to HTML in a separate window. If you pass multiple files to Fenestro, it outputs a window with a left navigation bar to easily switch between files.

Mobile Apps

  • Shattered Ring: an RPG tracker for iOS that helps you track notes for and the status of important NPCs, locations, quests, and bosses. Written because Elden Ring didn’t have a quest tracker, but Dachary also uses it to track the tabletop role-playing games (mainly D&D) that she plays with her friends.
  • PRFocus: Coming soon! A macOS PR dashboard for GitHub that lets you easily keep track of important PRs.
  • Coffeelicius/Tealicious: Coming soon! iOS apps that allow you to keep track of coffees and teas that you like, so you can remember which ones to buy again - or share with friends and family so they know what to gift you.

The Projects

  • Vim Works: Learn how to use the Vim editor, one bite at a time.
  • Graceful Disasters: Is your company lacking a disaster recovery/incident management process? Get started with these open source docs on how to manage an incident.
  • Bright Little Light Press: Small indie publishing imprint that so far has only published romance and women’s fiction novels.
  • Beyond Writing Podcast: A podcast for writers about how publishing works, with real talk about working with a big publisher vs. self-publishing.

The Social

Kay and Dachary have managed various social accounts over the years for their apps and projects. Dachary has also done social media management for some of her writing clients many years ago when the world was a little bit different. As we enter the brave new world of the Fediverse, the Corporate Runaways have added a .social domain to their list of TLDs so they can create social accounts for their various apps, projects, and brands. If you see accounts coming from corporaterunaways.social - that’s us!

The Travel

The Corporate Runaways brand came from a big overland motorcycle trip that Kay and Dachary did in 2010/2011. At the time, they quit their jobs and spent four months riding motorcycles from Boston to the bottom of South America. While they traveled, they worked with a developer to create a media-rich magazine browsing app for the iPad. They planned to use that app and their other projects to generate income for future travel. That hasn’t quite panned out yet, but Kay and Dachary have been using the Corporate Runaways brand for their travel blog since 2010. Now that they’re adding a .biz to the TLD, this is their home for businessey stuff, and you can find the travel content at corporaterunaways.quest.