Westward Ho – Day 14

Redding, WA to Winnemucca, NV

(Dachary here)

Get up, get on the road, make tracks. That’s pretty much our daily objective for the next 6 days until we get home. The Internet wanted us to route to I-80, and then take that across the country until it becomes I-90, and then take that home. While that’s pretty boring, and we’ve driven large stretches of it before, it’s also the fastest and most direct route… so that’s the plan.

But first, we had to take a twisty little scenic highway down to I-80. And that scenic highway happened to drive RIGHT BY Lassen Volcanic National Park. Lassen wasn’t exactly a loop – we’d have to cut down to a smaller road and then meet up with the scenic highway farther on – and I was concerned that it would add too much time and we wouldn’t make enough miles toward home. But Kay wanted a last hurrah, and it did seem wrong to drive right past a National Park and not even take a look…



So a few hours later, we met back up with the little scenic highway, and then down I-80, making miles toward home.

Along the way, we saw a UPS truck that had gone horribly awry… (if you’re missing a package, this is probably why!)


And discovered that Nevada is surprisingly beautiful.


And Kay was enamored of this nifty truck that was hanging out next to our Outback in our night’s lodgings.


We didn’t make the miles I was hoping today, but we did get to see a little more of our National Parks.

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