Day 68 – Somewhere just south of Ambato Ecuador

We decided to stay another day because even getting up from bed in the morning to go to the bathroom left Dachary dizzy and queazy. (And going to the bathroom convinced her that she needed to stay near a bathroom.) We read, we… actually, that’s about it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, some Top Gear. Some Dr. Who. Dachary didn’t feel up to leaving the room so I brought her the meals in bed. Luckily the beds were comfy, with nice, warm, soft blankets and comforters.

I’m happy to report that the meals were pretty cheap because the restaurant is trying to be affordable food for locals too.

I also bought a pirated copy of the last Terminator movie. Not sure if it’s one of those horrid things filmed with a camcorder in the theatre or a rip of the DVD. Hoping for the latter since the DVD has been out for so long.

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