Recommended Hairstyles for Women on the Road

Ok, ladies – lets get real. Dealing with hair on a long motorcycle trip is a crap-shoot. I’ve had long hair and I’ve had short hair, and short hair has always been easier to maintain. It doesn’t look as crappy when you can’t wash it regularly, and it isn’t as hot when you’re in hot-hot lands. I’ve tried wearing my long hair in a hair tie under the helmet, which is do-able in warm weather. In cold temps, however, with all of the layers at the neck, doing the hair in a hair tie just wasn’t viable. It became too hard to turn my head for a head-check before turning and changing lanes, which was downright dangerous. So for all of the aforementioned reasons, I decided to cut my hair short before we left on this trip.

But getting a short haircut can be dangerous. You need a good stylist who you can trust when you’re getting a short cut. With all of the money we were spending on this trip, I couldn’t afford to go to my old stylist (some of my trips to her were upwards of $300 a shot, back in the glory days when I had spare money years ago). So I went to a local hairstylist and asked for a “fun, flirty, pixie-type cut.” Unfortunately, what I got was more like an 80s haircut from a former Super-Cuts employee. I left the “salon” with a feathery 80s female-executive-in-a-male-dominated-society hair, with a duck butt, which was not at all the look I was going for.

After days on the bike, I’ve had some “good” hair days where everything looks crazy and awesome, but I’m getting more and more “lame” hair days where my hair is just flat and lame.

Dachary's new hair
Good Hair
Bad Hair
Bad Hair

I’m thinking of getting another haircut when we hit warmer weather and trying again for the “fun, flirty, pixie-type cut.” At this rate, I’m going to run out of hair before I get the cut right – but at least it’ll be easier to maintain on the road!


    1. Heh. Thanks, Robyn! I first cut my hair short in 2005 and have been playing with various lengths since then. I’ve had some really awesome hairstyles over the years, but finding the perfect one for a 4-month motorcycle trip is proving to be challenging…

  1. Hi Dachary!. I love your hair and, in fact, didn’t really recognize you.
    Of course we’ve only met once.
    I just came across the slip of paper you gave me about your web site and will be with you both all the way. 34 degrees in Boston this am!
    be safe – Brenda. Primary Care/Cambridge

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